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About Us

About Us - Otaku Mania

Welcome to Otaku Mania, your ultimate destination for one-of-a-kind anime T-shirt designs! Otaku Mania is a community, a platform, and a hub where the love for anime gets a unique expression. We aren't just a store; we're a thriving universe of fandom where you can find extraordinary apparel to suit your otaku spirit.

Our Story

The seeds for Otaku Mania were sown when two creative minds, Glenn Hurlburt and David Pedersen, crossed paths during a 2016 T-shirt business venture. The results were not as anticipated, but the experience planted a vital idea - focusing on what truly ignited their passions. Fast forward five years, and Silicon Dragon Design was born, the powerhouse behind Otaku Mania.

Meet the Team

David Pedersen - Digital Marketing and Graphics Maestro

David's PhotoHailing from Seattle, David brings to the table a treasure chest of over 25 years of Graphics and Marketing experience. His journey includes successful stints at trailblazing e-commerce platforms such as,, and Seattle's Finest Exotic Meats.

In the mid-90's, David's fascination with technology led him to provide networking services and support to local ISPs. Simultaneously, he honed his programming skills and nurtured his budding interest in graphic design. His first major breakthrough was helping his landlord launch an e-commerce exotic meat business, which he later helped grow fourfold.

Having successfully managed million-dollar marketing budgets, David shifted gears to pursue his love for T-shirt and promotional material design. His expertise and passion now find a home at Otaku Mania.

Glenn Hurlburt - Graphics and Design Virtuoso

Glenn's PhotoOriginally from New York, Glenn fell in love with the Pacific Northwest soon after his arrival in Seattle in 2011. He is a seasoned graphic designer, with decades of experience under his belt in print advertising and web design.

Glenn cut his teeth in the competitive New York City advertising market in the early '90s, playing a pivotal role in transitioning AdTeam, Inc. into a computer-based design model. His creative prowess shone brightly as he pioneered the amalgamation of direct mail marketing with the emerging email marketing model at Quattro Direct, LLC.

As a member of the Nexium™ and Crestor™ branding team at AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals, Glenn developed an interactive Flash-based patient education app that earned nationwide recognition.

Now at Otaku Mania, Glenn's wealth of expertise breathes life into our anime designs.

Hank - HR and PR Dynamo

Hank's PhotoNo team is complete without a mascot, and ours is Hank, the Dog! Hank is our adorable and beloved member of both the HR and PR departments. His knack for bringing a smile to everyone's face makes him indispensable. His title? Simply put - one hell of a good boy!

Our Mission

At Otaku Mania, we share your love for anime and otaku culture. Our mission is to bring unique, high-quality anime merchandise to fans across the globe. Every piece of apparel we offer is a love letter to the rich, vibrant world of anime, designed with care and thoughtfulness by our talented team.

Join us at Otaku Mania, and wear your fandom with pride!